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Horses We Have Sold

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2007 AQHA Filly 14’2 hands

Tina was born and raised here with us.  We have started her and kept her going the past couple years.  She’s always a pleasure to work with , so smart and great minded.   She’s lite in the mouth, and has a great stop.  Her mom was my husband’s Calf horse & Heel horse growing up. She has a one of a kind disposition, heart that won’t quit you, and built like a tank.

Moving Far Far away- China!!  Miss you girl!


 10 yr old Quarter Horse Gelding.  15 hands. Docile and sweet, so very easy to get along with. Castle is an issue free type of gelding. Jump on and go. Anyone can ride and have fun. Kids can take him around the neighborhood parent free:) He's safe and dependable. Has been used as a kids 4-H horse, lesson horse, ranch work, and just a friendly pet. He's always easy to catch and has great ground manners.

Congrats Kriss, the boys are so fortunate to
have found such a great home.”


"Congrats Dudley Family! Wishing you all
             beautiful and memorable trail miles.                 

 8 yr old Fjord / Quarter Cross Gelding. 
15 handsGreat trail gelding,  Came from a boy scout camp in the hills.  He's a great follow along type of gelding.  Always at the gate ready to come out. Loves to poke around the neighborhood and ranch.  Great in a group or out solo. English or Western.  


Congrats Kriss, the boys are so fortunate to
have found such a great home.”


AQHA 2004 Palomino Gelding, 15 hands

CRAVES ATTENTION! He is truly a Gelding with the full package, looks, disposition, miles, & the perfect age.  Flashy palomino color makes him stand out in a crowd. He’s been to the mountains, camping, group trail rides, used for lessons, gathered & moved cattle, ect.  Great family horse, husband horse, pull out of the pasture throw anyone on kind of horse, gymkhana events, team penning, mountain riding or camping (sure footed), or just a backyard pet...  His attitude is playful and inquisitive, pocket picker. Very loving and gentle personality!  Ride him in a group or out solo, he doesn’t care. Easy keeper, no special needs or requirements! 




Congrats Kriss, the boys are so fortunate to
have found such a great home.”


2003 Quarter Horse Gelding 14’3 hands Scout is just that he came from a boy scout camp in the hills.  He’s got a superb disposition that I could only with every horse would have.  They just don’t come this quiet!  He’s very docile and mellow by nature!   Never moves on the ground! You tie him up and come back 2 hrs later he hasn’t moved.!  He’s great with the kids, just plunks along and they can pull and tug and he’s always consistent and the same. Very sure footed and smart in the hills and rougher terrain.

Congrats Rory and Mona Elston!  Scout will no doubt be spoiled and have a home for life.  Happy Trails Mona & Scout!


 8 yr old Quarter Horse gelding 14'3 hands. Great trial gelding. Steady and strong for a smaller gelding.  Kick and he'll go type, not a plug.  Easy to ride but has some go in the arena.
Great barrel or pole prospect. Smokes the barrels and agile and quick on the poles.  Teenagers love him and can't wait to ride him. Great drill team
prospect.  Flashy and put together cute. Cute mover, English or Western.

Congrats  Ashley! Can’t wait to see you two as a pair performing at drill team events in the months to come.


12, yr old Dun and White APHA gelding 14'3 hands Bounce around all day on this guy.  He's a great novice horse, good for those and pull and tug and kick kick kick .. He's easily adaptable and forgives those that just don't know. I use him for lessons and trail riding
around the neighborhood and ranch. He's always willing and follows right along.  Not a bondy gelding, good in the arena.

Congrats Messina Family! What a wonderful Christmas surprise!  Shhhh J


Gelding, Black and white paint. Great minded with loads of potential. Smooth and fun to ride in the arena or take him to the hills.  He's been a ranch horse his whole life and baby sitter/spare horse when friends and family come to town. He's safe and sound, simple gelding no special needs or requirements.

“Congrats Parker Family, enjoy that sweet boy!”


AQHA 1995 Chestnut Gelding, 15 hands

I just can't say enough about “Rico”, he is a wonderful Gelding that would be an asset to anyone’s barn. LOVES ATTENTION! His life has been spent as a ranch horse , gathering, sorting, and being on trail ride after trail ride. Will go English or Western...

Congrats “Wendy” you and the girls will have so much drama free fun out on the trails now!! No worries trail ridesJ  Have a wonderful time!



14 yr old Bay QH Gelding 15’1 hands

Trail horse deluxe.  Been there done that when it comes to trails and outside miles.  Cross bridges, thru water, nature’s beasts, you name it he’s seen it and or rode by it.  He’s broke in the arena but his strengths are really as a trail horse.

Congrats “Summer” I know he’ll be an asset to your program. 

Client Up Date

Hi Shady - I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to own
the best trail horse in Woodside :-)  Slim has been awesome on every
scarey ride we have taken him on to date.  He is a sweet heart... my
son James took this picture of him on Monday.





2002 Grade Quarter Horse Palomino Mare

This mare is a HOT ROD!  If your looking for something pretty and athletic she’s definitely both!  Started right, great handle, big stop


Started under saddle and doing great!  Easy to get along with, willing to jump in and try new things.. He's been hauled here there and everwhere down the show trail and now he's ready to be a horse.! I'll keep riding him till he sells. Good bone and nice sized colored gelding. Pictured as a baby!  Not spooky by nature and no buck. 


 APHA 9yr old mare,15 Hands, Sorrel and White , APHA Papers

Foxy is Very Athletic, and flashy mare with endless amounts of talent. 



ALL AROUND GELDING, FLASHY & GREAT MINDED, FORREST, Gelding, Bay, 15.3H, This flashy 10 year old Bay gelding goes in any direction. Athletic, cute mover and always adaptable.

“Congrats Ellie, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better home for such a wonderful gelding! You two will have a blast together and I just know he’ll bring joy to your life as he has ours.



Gentle and sweet as they come. 8 yrs old / 14'2  Always at the gate and ready for someone to come visit.  Super dispostion throw anyone on "can't screw him up type".  Smooth to ride no bad habits,great stop.  Perfect horse to throw the grandkids on every now and then or enjoy on a daily basis.  VERY easy keeper, gets along great with other horses.  In a stall or out on pasture, easy to catch.  Great on the trails, sure footed and walks along at a comfy pace.  Kids or adults can have a blast.  Currently used to give lessons and throw family  and friends on when they come visit.


Claire, I could not have asked for a better home for Sherman.  He’s in heaven with you and all your beautiful grandkids


APHA gelding, 3 years old.  Super gentle,  always jump on and go no need to lunge and or work regularly.  Loves attention and thrives for one on one!  He's been ranched on , trail ridden , carry's a flag already at 3.  Super disposition and great personality.  We raised this gelding and he means a lot to us, life long home a must.   

“Congrats Breanna”, it will be wonderful to watch you two grow and be the best of friends.


 Beats Sweet Nothings
 Mare, Palomino, Age: 8, 15H, 1000 lbs, APHA #627395, Foaled: 2001, Daisy is a wonderful kind mare. She’s flashy and sweet, smooth and cute mover. Easy to get along with, anyone can jump on and go. We have checked fence off her for hours and hours, taken her to the mountains, and have all the arena the basics on her. She’s talented and can go in any direction you ask of her.

“Congrats Helena” in Langley, BC

Daisy is so lucky to have found you!!! Enjoy her and we can’t wait to come visit some day!



FLASHY, BROKE, BALL OF PERSONALITY,TRAIL MILES TO BOOT!, Cisco,  Gelding, Chestnut, Age: 12, 14.2H, 1000 lbs, Not papered, Foaled: 1998, Cisco is the whole package. He’s been from the Ocean to the mountains and in between. You can’t ask for more trail experience than this gelding has. He’s a wonderful trail horse, crosses bridges, goes thru water, sure footed for rough terrain, lakes/rivers (cross them or swim thru), or take a herd of cattle down the highway . Always trustworthy and open minded to go with the flow.


Congrats Ted and Rosemary

Hard Cowboy Cash

Registered AQHA Grey gelding 15’1 hands, 13 years old. Jack of all trades gelding.  He’s been roped on, High School Rodeo’d with, and done countless hours of ranch work. He’s gentle but does have the ability to get up and go when asked.  Is a worker loves to get out and go, hauls great, take him anywhere jump on and go. Great horse for a teenager to take down the road to gymkhana’s or just down the trail.  Solid trail horse, not spooky by nature, rides in a group or out solo.  Doesn’t need regular work or riding, easy keeper.  Beautiful dabble grey coat most of the year, a real looker in a crowd.


"Congrats Joyce, You guys are a wonderful fit."

Wonderful flashy gelding. Easy horse to own, handle, ride, and have in the barn. Always up for anything. Disposition is quiet and sweet, just get on and go. No bad habits, clips, ties, trailers, bathes.  Great, all around exposure. Not spooky by nature, point him and he’ll truck right along. Handles the rough terrain and long rides with ease, very sure footed. Keep him up in a stall or turned out at the ranch. Gets along great with others, non aggressive. Easy keeper, No special needs or requirements. Sound, no past scars or injuries.




Freckles Fancy Dan – “Moegly” 2005 AQHA Gelding Ranchers/Barrel Racer’s, Cadillac. This young gelding has been started right and hauled extensively.  He’s got a great foundation to take you any direction.  He’s got a big step, flowie smooth mover.  Knows all the arena basics, and outside handle as well.  He’s been from the mountains to the flat, working and moving cattle.   Thrown in the trailer from the start and hauled to barrel races, ropin’s, brandin’s, you name it. 


MISTER  1999 AQHA GELDING, Chestnut  16’ hands Gentle, broke, and big hearted describes Mister to a tee.  He’s been from the mountains to the ocean, working cattle, showing, pleasure riding, lessons galore, and much more.  Perfect gentleman for any level rider, excellent ground manners & easy to handle.  Great in the arena and outside on trails. Smooth to ride,  big stride, and flowie/rhythmic gates.  Will jump around a hunter course, automatic lead changes.  Good to haul, shoe, bathe, clip and is up to date on worming.  SOLD
Congrats Roberto and Family


BENSON2001 Bay QTR/TB Gelding, 15’3 hands.Benson is a GREAT outside horse to ride on the trail, check fences or gather cattle whether it through rough terrain, mountains or water! He loves to ride outside but is also good in the arena, soft supple mouth, responds well to your leg, gets his leads and has a big step.  Skilled and shown English and also used in our lesson program.   Good to haul, shoe, bathe, clip and is up to date on worming, 4-Way and WNV. Easy to ride, point and go no vices.


DAKOTA 2000 Palomino & White Paint, 15’ hands Grand entry style! Flashy and Broke.  Dakota’s been a ranch horse, & trail horse his whole life.  Throw him in the trailer and go type of horse.  Great in a group or out  solo, no worries.  Skilled in the arena and out, knows all the basics.  He’s great to use in the flat or rougher terrain, very sure footed.  Not afraid to take the lead over logs, thru the water, down the road, up narrow brushy trails, you name it.  Good to haul, shoe, bathe, clip and is up to date on worming.  Simple as they come, easy keeper. 




RASCAL Qtr Pony Goes English, Jumps, rides Western, Reining, Cows, TrailsGelding, Buckskin, Age: 7, 13.2H, 800 lbs, Quarter Pony, They don’t get any cuter then this! Rascal has a fun, playful disposition but is all business in the arena. He is SOLID on the flat, had professional reining training, is a cute mover, works in a frame, responsive to leg cues, lite mouth, nice rhythmic canter, departs from a stand still, stop with a whoa and has AUTOMATIC lead changes. Jumps around at about 2’0-2’3,


BLUSEY Don’t let her age shy you away, at 5 yrs old, Bluesy has tons of outside ridding experience and arena talent too! She has been used in the branding pen to head / heel and will drag calves to the fire with ease. Been to ropins (track steers down the arena) and is great to sort in the corral, she is very cowy with tons of natural instinct and drive. Bluesy has also had professional reining training and has good a stop and turnaround. Goes thru water, sure footed, handles rough terrain not a spooky type. Currently being ridden English and jumped over low fences. Easy to ride, supple, moves off your leg and is being used to give lesson to a beginning english rider. Bluesy is also being shown at local shows, is the same to ride at a show as she is at home, no lunging required.




A Master Playgirl – “Georgia”  2006 APHA Filly Well bred and put together right filly.  Athletic and cowie already.  Start her your way, she’s been saddled & driven is ready to go any direction.  Pedigree speaks for its self.  Mom is our top producing dam and was our top ranch horse for many, many years.  She went English and western, would eat a cow in the corral and quiet enough to give lessons on.  Dad is a top, proven producing stallion and his offspring are successful in the show pen along with big time money earners.  Clips, ties, trailers and bathes.

Congratulations. Jill