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I tend to run on the super cautious side by nature and of course sought out professional advice from my trainer in finding a horse that was right for me. I am so impressed of how you listened to Maegan regarding my needs and my capabilities. When I first met you, I was still so nervous, but you and Maegan assured me I was making progress and Bentley was a horse I would be able to grow with. I have never trusted anyone so much in my life with such a big decision and I am so thrilled I did. You had everything right!

 I am so thrilled to tell you Bentley is the perfect match. I never imaged myself learning so quickly and increasing my confidence enough to be able to develop an unbelievable bond with another soul. I have been able to teach Bentley new exercises and I am able to get him in and out of the pasture (alone), groom him, do round pen work, saddle him, put his bridle and bit on, etc. For an experienced person this comes so naturally, however, for a total newbie to come so far in just a few weeks is amazing.

 His is so amazing I have even put my 3 year old Granddaughter on him and walked them around. For me this is a huge step in trust for not only him, but myself as 3 months ago, I would not even bring her to the property.

 I could not have done this without your help. I truly appreciate you taking the time to really understand me, and my needs. You are a true professional for taking the time to really make sure this was a good fit. The love I feel for him and get from him is priceless.  

 I have included a few photos so you can see what we are up to. Each time I take a photo, I look at him and say, “Look Bentley,

Horsearazzi, photo opp”! I am pretty sure he poses and smiles for the camera!


 Shell and Bentley