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From Our Clients


I wanted to take a moment to update you on “Sloan”, now Bentley. As you know I am a total newbie to horses, I only started taking an interest in March of this year. After 4 weeks of working with my trainer Maegan Longman and riding other people’s horses, I knew I was hooked and wanted my own




Hey Shady!

I wanted to write to you and tell you again how blessed we are to have met you and bought Tucker (formerly Badger).  He has surpassed any expectations I've ever had in a horse.  He isn't just a pet, he's family and we were not complete without him.  Ashley and Tucker are best friends, he really seems to do anything she asks of him not just because he can but because its in his nature to want to please her.

Today they went to their very first cattle sorting and had a blast!  He was never nervous or disrespectful like other horses we have owned.  He acted like an old pro.  Ashley got confident quick with him acting that way and before I knew it they were running after those cows!  He really seems to enjoy himself.  He put his nose down and really got to work.

Also he was the prettiest horse there!  Everyone was impressed with him.

I can't thank you enough for making it possible for us to own him.  Everyday we spend with him is an adventure and Ashley's big silly smiles all the way home make it all worth while!

Melissa, Ashley and Tucker


Thanks  to Amber and Jessica


Tom and Denise Peterson write:

Thanks Shady for the nice horse. We brought him home rode him the next day up the trail and he is everything you said he was and more.  We had a friend over and she has not ridden in many years and Skeeter just did everything she ask.



Hi Shady,

Hope your pregnancy continues to go well. I think of
you often. I just thought another Dunnee update was in
order. In the last month, I entered Dunnee in a trail
trial, and we would have won had he been more
cooperative about opening a gate. As it was, we got
lots of compliments, and many people wanting a horse
just like Dunnee. Two weekends after the trail trial,
I took Dunnee to an overnight camp out, complete with
a moonlight ride from 8 - 11 p.m. we crossed creeks in
the dark, went through boggy mud etc. and except for
wanting to eat the tall grass the whole time, he was
wonderful. I put him in a portable electric pen for
the night, and he did just awesome, stayed relaxed the
whole time. Today I took him out on the trail, and the
horse my friend was riding did a major spook, she came off, Dunnee reacted but stayed calm. I ended up
jumping off Dunnee, throwing the reins at my friend,
and going after her horse. Dunnee was awesome
throughout the whole event. He is such an incredible
trail horse, I just thought you should know how he is
doing. Lori


Hey shady
   scoobie is doing great! he's out in a pasture with my friend amy's mare and they get along great. I took him ropin yesterday with my friend Christine and he's already good pals with her buckskin. He is sooo fun with the cows. I took him cuttin already too and he is soooo much fun with that. The only boarders at my barn are me and my friend amy that you met the other day and she loves him. the ranch owner and his wife both think he's pretty cute. And on Sunday I spent all day out at the ranch with two of my friends who have fallen in love with him. By Saturday night he was also doing awesome goat get offs with me. I am absolutely in love with this horse. We have a rodeo this saturday and i will for sure be sending you pictures. And then the next weekend i have a friend whos a cutting trainer and we are gonna go stay a couple days over there so he can have some fun with the cows. Everything is going awesome.    val


I just wanted to let you know that Handi competed in his first show successfully! Although I wouldn't count it at a real show since it was just a fun show at my barn, it was a bit like the real deal with sound systems, a chaotic atmosphere, and lots of standing around and waiting. He didn't look once at the sound system, the crowd, or the ribbons being handed to me! Handi did get a bit excited when we were asked to canter and all the other horses in the ring started cantering with him, but he was excellent!

Here are our results;

17 years and older Equitation - 1st place (out of four riders)
17 years and older Pleasure - 4th place (out of four riders
Open Pleasure - 3rd place (out of five horses)
Short/Long Stirrup Equitation - 1st place (out of five riders)
Short/Long Stirrup Pleasure - 3rd place (out of five horses)

- Alison


Hi Shady,

Awesome Possum is doing great. We have had a few very minor discussions about a couple of things,but he is easy to persuade to my way of thinking. We have done some nice long rides in the hills, I sneak some dressagie (your word) stuff in on him,and he is actually  becoming more supple and soft and accepting  my "lets go on the bit and carry yourself " thing.  He had a little tantrum about it one day, stomped his feet and shook his head like a little kid, as if to say NO this is a trail ride, I go on the buckle..it  was quite amusing.

I love him...we are bonding...heehee
In about 6 months  he will be going first level, and I will send you a DVD.  That is if I ever find a Dressage saddle to fit him.
Take care, Beth        POSSUM PHOTOS


Just wanted to let you know that Rascal is doing great. He settled in just fine and is getting along with the other horses. He is in his own stall with a large paddock with Lucky (weanling) and my mare on either side. He is actually really nice to Lucky.
Rascal went to his first gymkhana last weekend with Bob riding him. He did awesome. Rascal measured an inch under the max pony height. We have a pony certificate for him at 13.1 hh. So that is just great. I think Bob is in love. Also, we got compliments on him from many people. Some even started claiming first dibs on him when Bob quits riding. But, even if Bob quits Rascal won't go anywhere because I love him. I forgot to bring my camera to the show but when I finally get pictures I will send you some if you like.
Thanks for the great pony,     RASCAL PHOTOS
Kasey & Bob