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Horses For Sale

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"Others available not yet pictured, please email with what your looking for and I'll let you know if I have a good fit"


Sterling,  7 yr old Draft/QH Cross.  Level headed and love bug. He hangs his head in your lap and bonds up with one person quickly.. He has all the arena basics, and great out of the arena. Smooth to ride , nice gentle gait. Moves off your leg nice, can swing ropes off him, and drag things.  Could go
any direction, very smart, willing to learn and eager to please type of




Beautiful and Stout Quarter Horse cross gelding. 8 years old, 15'3 dun color.  Very kind and sweet, social butterfly. Quiet by nature kick to go but not a dead head will go when asked.  Has been used in lessons, on the ranch, feed lot, social gatherings, "pet type of gelding".  Always willing to please.  Goes English and Western , big step, comfy ride. Good round feet, easy fun gelding to own.


New photos Jan 2014