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Horses We Have Sold

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2002 AQHA Designated Trooper by Designation & out of Stylish Page, HYPP N/Nhas halter points in youth, has been hauled most of his life.  Very comfortable away from home and great and affordable local level show gelding.

Congrats Ava! What a great team”

Bentley aka Sloan
 13 yr old Paint GeldingSolid and stout , fun gelding .  Great on the trails along with all the arena basics.  Potential timed event or drill team prospect.  


SHADY I am so thrilled to tell you Bentley is the perfect match. I never imaged myself learning so quickly and increasing my confidence enough to be able to develop an unbelievable bond with another soul. I have been able to teach Bentley new exercises and I am able to get him in and out of the pasture (alone), groom him, do round pen work, saddle him, put his bridle and bit on, etc. For an experienced person this comes so naturally, however, for a total newbie to come so far in just a few weeks is amazing



6 year old,  14’2 hand Red Roan Gelding.  Adorable arena/trail gelding.  Athletic and fun in the arena, and a big step and experience on the trails. Good for all levels, kick and he’ll go so good for the timid riders that hardly kick.  Would be a super gymkhana horse, agile and athletic.  Quiet and good minded disposition to be a youth or amateur project to any direction.

“Congrats Pauline”  So happy Buckle has a home for life!  He’s a wonderful gelding and deserves a special home such as your’s.


Cash" 8 yr old grade Paint 14'3 hds $2800.00
Cash has a super sweet disposition and is willing to do whatever you ask, he’s been used to do a little of everything! He has gathered/sorted cattle on a ranch; he’s not bothered by the cows or all of the commotion in the branding pen. He was used in a drill team clinic and handles the pressure of being in close proximity to other horses very well. He's been trail ridden,I took him out this past weekend between storms with the wind blowing and he did great considering the conditions. I have used Cash for lessons and he's been ridden by a teenager over the summer



10 year old, 15 hands  Bay Gelding.   Trail horse for all ages.  Docile and quiet by nature, not spooky.  Cute stocky build, adorable head.  Very simple, safe, sound,  and easy to ride.  Great horse to take family and friends out for an enjoyable issue free trail ride. 


Congrats, Double C Ranch..  What a great fit! Not too many cookies J


Bullseye 13 year old Paint Pony

 Bullseye is truly a blessing in our lives. Hes got such a big heart and gentle soul. Always aware and considerate of the kids and whose around him and leading/riding him. Easy keeper, no special needs. Hes trained Western and English and riders of any level have fun on him. Hes done ag day at school with hundreds of busy and loud kids, been to daycare care for show and tell, numerous birthday parties, horse shows, and lawn ornament daily. Hes fun and safe... Wonderful babysitter.! 
Congrats, Ingram Family! So happy he found you … Very special pony that deserved and got a special home J


Boots & Shooter  - Congrats Wattis Family!  The boys are so fortunate to have found such a wonderful family!  Have a wonderful time with them! 


 10 yr old Blood Bay Gelding 15 hands
Does it all, Arena, Rope, Ranch Work.  Neck rein, good stop, great mind,
super disposition, Social and Sweet to be around.  Can go any direction,
always willing. 


7 year old, 15 hands Bay Gelding.  Super cute arena/trail gelding. Very sweet and inquisitive personality.  Very social and thrives on attention and working.    Pretty mover with a big step.  Adorable English, will pop over a jump with ease.   Forward moving, with a great stop and pretty headset.   Could do lower level dressage or even gymkhana events, very versatile and athletic multi-purpose gelding.  Fun , safe, and sound  for all levels.   Talented and good minded to go any direction


Hi. Just want you to know the horses are great. They are so happy and perfectly behaved. They are getting lots of love and gentle hands. They get asked to do their job and they do it well. Our son (10) rode Shooter today and loved him. He is developing a strong connection w/him. I keep a watchful eye so horse and rider are cared for well. Thanks for helping me to realize a dream I have had since having children. I wanted them to love riding the way I did.  Anne